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Episode #5653

Original air date: January 13, 2015

Having runaway from Sam, Honour seeks solace with Kane. However, Ula tracks her down and implores her to reconcile with her family. Honour refuses until Kane suggests Ula might be their only hope of staying together. However, Honour learns Ula slept with Dallas and her respect for Ula goes out the window. Feeling responsible, Ula tracks Honour down and implores her to go back to Akatea. However Honour rejects Ula’s authority, and demands to stay with Kane.

Episode #5654

Original air date: January 14, 2015

The Coopers – after talking to Sam – agree that Honour can stay while she sorts her life out but impose strict rules on her and Kane. Honour’s delighted but when she tries to sleep with Kane, she’s disappointed when he’s determined to abide by the rules.


Episode #5659

Original air date: January 21, 2015

Murray enjoys time at home with Kane; so much so he gets Dayna to cover for him at work again, while he and Kane repair the house. Murray and Kane’s handyman work ends in disaster but Wendy is just glad they’re hanging out together.


Episode #5664

Original air date: January 28, 2015

Murray panics without his chef until Wendy insists they can cook themselves. The Cooper family arrives to help and Murray comes up with the perfect dish – his homemade Bolognese sauce. Except Wendy, Kane and Bella all know it tastes awful. Keeping this from Murray, they cook the sauce. And when Clementine and Honour add their magic touches, the dish suddenly tastes good. It’s served to the guests and is a roaring success. Murray is on cloud nine, until he learns it wasn’t his recipe that won everyone over – he’s gutted.

Episode #5671

Original air date: February 6, 2015

Finding her family stressed, Dayna tries to lobby the Coopers to fix the fireplace, as a way to unite them – and Murray thinks he’s found the perfect way to show Dayna how well they work together. Wendy and Kane are too stressed to enjoy the project and soon back out.


Episode #5680

Original air date: February 19, 2015

Kane’s excited to be selected for a rugby training squad – but Honour’s gutted. It’s her birthday while he’s away, which Kane’s forgotten about. That, combined with his distance over the last little while, makes her think Kane’s clearly not all that interested in their relationship. Kane feels bad. Though deep down he feels romantically pressured, he does want a relationship with Honour, and he confides this to Dayna. She urges him to tell Honour how he feels. Kane follows Dayna’s advice and Honour realises that Kane’s only being distant because he doesn’t want to send her mixed signals – he’s struggling to cope with their enforced celibacy. Honour’s relieved to think he does care about her, and the pair recommit to their chaste relationship.

Episode #5682

Original air date: February 23, 2015

Honour’s disappointed she doesn’t get to discuss her conflicted feelings about visiting Sam with Kane, who’s away at rugby camp. At her party, Clementine challenges Honour to make amends with Ula. She does, but gets upset when Ula suggests she is imposing on the Coopers and urges her to consider living with Sam again. Clementine thinks Ula has a point and feeling unsupported, Honour leaves, claiming she’s going to Akatea. In fact, she goes to Wellington and surprises Kane at his rugby camp. Kane is enjoying his space and time away from Honour but doesn’t have the heart to say so. He lets her stay in his room where Honour tries to initiate romance – only for them to be sprung by Kane’s coach. Kane’s in big trouble and Honour feels awful for derailing his rugby dreams.

Episode #5683

Original air date: February 24, 2015

Honour feels terrible to have put Kane’s place at the rugby camp in jeopardy with her surprise visit. Murray’s stress levels soar when he learns what Honour’s done and he’s forced to retrieve her. Feeling Kane distance himself, Honour gets clingy and he has to admit that their relationship is putting him under too much pressure. To Honour’s distress, he breaks up with her as a result. Murray arrives and, placing the blame firmly on Honour, convinces Kane’s coach to give him another chance. Although relieved to have salvaged Kane’s opportunity, Murray struggles to keep his stress levels under control.

Episode #5690

Original air date: March 5, 2015

When Dayna explains she feels responsible for the Cooper’s marriage troubles, Wendy realises the impact the discord is having on her. Resolving to change, Wendy and Murray try to put their grievances behind them. Dayna sees they’re more amicable and starts to trust that they’ve made peace. But the cracks reappear, and Dayna can’t buy into their happy family routine. She makes a call to Kane, as he returns from rugby camp. He confides that his dad has made contact and wants to see him. He worries about being disloyal to Murray and Wendy but Dayna’s not convinced their marriage is rock solid and urges Kane to contact his dad in case living with them doesn’t work out.

Episode #5691

Original air date: March 6, 2015

Kane’s home from rugby camp, and Murray’s unsettled to learn Kane’s dad, Jimmy, has made contact. Protective and privately feeling a little threatened, Murray nevertheless takes Wendy’s advice and counsels Kane to think seriously about whether he wants Jimmy in his life. Kane is disappointed when Jimmy doesn’t respond to his email, and Murray’s chuffed when Kane admits Murray’s more a father to him than anyone ever has been. But Kane forgets plans he’s made with Murray when Jimmy eventually makes contact, which brings Murray down hard. And when Murray sees the dark content of Jimmy and Kane’s emails he refuses to let Kane make any more contact. Furious, Kane tells Murray he will never get between him and his real father. Murray’s left stung – and aware he handled this badly.

Episode #5692

Original air date: March 9, 2015

Worried he’s handled the Kane situation badly, Murray turns to Wendy for support. She helps negotiate a reconciliation. Murray admits he can’t stop Kane from talking to Jimmy and Kane is warmed by their concern for him. Guessing at Murray’s jealousies, Wendy reassures him that he and Kane have a special bond. Jimmy replies to Kane, amd asks him to hold $30k in his bank account. Kane’s left unsettled, unsure how to respond.

Episode #5693

Original air date: March 10, 2015

Kane goes to Murray for advice on whether to hold money for his father, but when Jimmy’s contact reminds him of the relationship he may miss out on, he agrees to hold it, and tells no one.


Episode #5699

Original air date: March 18, 2015

A busy Dayna learns from Murray that Kane has become quite secretive. Murray is careful not to interfere but seeing his worry, Dayna quizzes Kane. She’s horrified to discover that Jimmy has given Kane thirty thousand dollars for safekeeping. Fearing it’s dodgy, Dayna advises Kane to contact Jimmy and return the money immediately. Kane complies but when he doesn’t hear back from Jimmy his stress increases. Worried, Dayna rallies the Coopers to unite around Kane. Her plan works and Kane is reminded of all the support he has in his pseudo-family – while Murray and Wendy draw closer over a shared love of their adopted brood. But when Kane receives an invitation from Jimmy to fly him to the Cayman Islands to meet and talk face to face, Kane is stunned – and tempted.

Episode #5700

Original air date: March 19, 2015

Conflicted about Jimmy’s offer to join him in the Cayman Islands, Kane allows himself to be talked out of the reckless idea by Dayna. He’s wistful though, and when Clementine is incredulous that he’s not jumping on a plane, he begins to convince himself of the merits. A school assignment, and conversation with TK about whakapapa, persuade Kane that he needs to connect with his father in order to find out about his own identity, and family background. Dayna reminds him that leaving would be a huge slap in the face for the Coopers and Kane is given pause. However, when they find out about the invitation from Dayna and counsel against going, Kane’s frustrated that his voice and his choices don’t get listened to. Murray and Wendy agree to back off but going with his deep craving to connect to his own family, Kane visits TK to discuss whakapapa – and TK unwittingly adds the final weight to Kane’s decision. He decides he’s going to see the father he’s always longed for.

Episode #5701

Original air date: March 20, 2015

Intent on secretly running away to the Caymans, Kane lies to the Coopers that he’s off to rugby practise. But Dayna smells a rat and busts him on his way to the airport. Shocked and hurt, the Coopers won’t give permission for him to go and an unrepentant Kane is forced to stay. Off her own tumultuous past, Dayna cautions Kane against the fickle world that his father Jimmy operates in, assuring him he has something much more reliable in the Coopers. Meanwhile, Murray can’t help but worry and Wendy has an idea – why doesn’t Murray chaperone Kane on a trip to the UK to meet Jimmy? Kane is underwhelmed, leaving Murray frustrated. Feeling the disconnect growing, Murray asks a reluctant Jack to spy on Kane on his behalf.

Episode #5702

Original air date: March 23, 2015

Troubled at not having heard from Jimmy, Kane’s off his rugby game. Though Jack’s uncomfortable with his role as Murray’s spy, Murray pressures him into telling him about it. Concerned both by Kane’s state of mind, Murray approaches him about it. But he inadvertently lets slip that he’s got Jack keeping an eye on him and Kane is furious. Outraged, Kane rejects Jack and Murray.

Episode #5703

Original air date: March 24, 2015

Kane makes it clear to a regretful Murray that he’s still angry at him for spying on him. Murray’s grateful when Wendy takes Kane in hand, trying a tough-love approach. Kane’s pulled up by this and realises he’s caused everyone worry. He makes peace with Jack and Murray resolves to win back Kane’s trust too. Counselled by Wendy to let Kane make the first move, Murray’s relieved when Kane asks for his help to train for his rugby selection trials. Kane’s been off his game since Jimmy made contact and Murray’s delighted to be able to pull Kane’s kicking focus back. Attending the trials at Kane’s request, Murray supports his boy and feels everything is back on track. But Jimmy arrives from the airport just as Kane kicks a goal, and it’s him that Kane celebrates with. Murray’s hurt to realise the hold his father has over him – and worries about the influence Jimmy will have on him.

Episode #5704

Original air date: March 25, 2015

Kane focuses his attention solely on Jimmy, leaving Murray to worry in the background. When Jimmy is charming and self-deprecating, and wins Wendy and Bella over, Murray wonders whether he’s wrong to suspect that Jimmy is bad for Kane. But he soon learns that Dayna also suspects Jimmy will threaten Kane’s stability by making promises and then not delivering. Emboldened, Murray starts questioning Jimmy about why he’s here, but it only gets him further offside with Kane – and drives Kane closer to his father.

Episode #5705

=Original air date: March 26, 2015

Kane is unhappy to learn that Jimmy doesn’t intend staying long (fearing his presence is too disruptive), but decides to make the most of their limited time left together. Dayna is won over by a thoughtful gift and Jimmy’s stories that give her insight into her mother. Murray is given a pang of envy to see Jimmy ensconced within the family, and irked when it feels like Jimmy treats him as ‘the help.’ When Jimmy reports that he’s enjoying himself so much he might stay on indefinitely, and Kane is distracted by his dad’s stories, Murray feels on the outer – usurped as Kane’s father figure.

Episode #5708

Original air date: March 31, 2015

Jimmy invites Dayna on a tour he’s taking Kane on of their mother’s favourite old spots. At first Dayna rejects the invite until Bella works on her. She accepts, on the proviso that Bella comes along. The day trip gets off to a flying start when Jimmy reveals the tour will be via a helicopter that he will pilot. Even Dayna is a little won over, until Jimmy finishes the trip with a visit to the cemetery where Dayna and Kane’s mother is buried. It backfires as Kane gets upset by the emotions and memories that surface. Dayna rails against Jimmy for not even coming to their mother’s funeral. Jimmy is dejected at the hurt he’s caused and resolves to leave, but lets slip to Bella that actually he did attend the funeral but didn’t want to approach Kane and risk upsetting him further while he grieved. When Bella tells this to Kane and Dayna , Kane is heartened and resolves to stop Jimmy from leaving town.

Episode #5709

Original air date: April 1, 2015

Committed to staying in Ferndale, Jimmy tries to find a job but realises it won’t be easy. Keen to help, Kane puts pressure on Murray to give Jimmy a job at the bar and Murray agrees to a trial run.

Episode #5711

Original air date: April 6, 2015

Both Jimmy and Murray are swayed, however, by their desire to make Kane happy, so Jimmy returns to his post behind the bar, though insists on checking into a hotel. To Murray’s surprise, he enjoys having Jimmy around, and they bond when Jimmy confesses that he admires Murray’s parenting skills and hopes to be a dad like him one day. Both men prepare to join Kane at rugby practice, where the Under Eighteens scout will be back to check out Kane again.

Episode #5712

Original air date: April 7, 2015

Murray is happy to think he misjudged Jimmy, and is grateful for his negotiation know-how when Kane is wooed by a rugby scout for an older rep team. Jimmy’s charm assures the meeting with the rugby scout starts well, but he starts playing hardball as he sticks up resolutely for what he thinks are Kane’s best interests. However, when the scout walks out, withdrawing his offer, Jimmy fears he’s let Kane down. Murray fears that his trust in Jimmy was misplaced. However, Kane talks the scout’s conditions over with his mates and is eventually pleased Jimmy rejected the offer. Murray is relieved to hear this, and when Kane wants to thank Jimmy in person, he concurs, privately feeling guilty for having doubted Jimmy.

Episode #5713

Original air date: April 8, 2015

Furious at having found Jimmy in bed with his daughter, Murray punches him. Kane’s shocked and upset by both men’s actions. Bella defends her relationship to Wendy and Murray, but Murray’s steadfast refusal to accept it sours things further. Murray realises the impact his actions have had on Kane and determines to focus on him. However his anger towards Jimmy grows when he sees how much Kane is hurting. Wendy is relieved Kane seems to be coping, but when Murray lets his anger get in the way of an apology once more, Kane reacts badly. Wendy and Dayna express their disapproval and Murray’s left aggrieved to be copping the blame for what was actually Jimmy’s betrayal of not just Kane but the whole family.

Episode #5714

Original air date: April 9, 2015

Bella’s uneasy about Jimmy’s grandiose schemes to win back Kane’s affection and assures him his presence alone is enough. This cheers him and leaves her feeling closer to him than ever. But a still angry Kane rejects Jimmy’s advances. Wendy duly counsels Kane to try with Jimmy, promising to support him no matter what he decides. Wendy’s support of Kane has prompted him to hear Jimmy out, but Jimmy’s shocked when Kane demands he break up with Bella to prove his commitment to him. Murray’s upset when Bella moves out but is unable to rectify the situation. Bella goes to Jimmy but is gutted when he dumps her for Kane’s sake.

Episode #5715

Original air date: April 10, 2015

When Jimmy proposes buying a house in Ferndale, Kane assumes this means they will live together and his hopes rise for a future with his father. But when Wendy discovers this isn’t Jimmy’s plan, she challenges him to come clean to Kane. However, unable to disappoint him, Jimmy pikes when the opportunity arises and instead takes off to Wellington. Although he defends Jimmy to Wendy and Murray, Kane is privately gutted to feel his father couldn’t be honest with him and doesn’t want to live with him, leaving Murray furious at how Jimmy has hurt Kane yet again.

Episode #5716

Original air date: April 13, 2015

The Coopers are worried about Kane after Jimmy’s abrupt departure. To help, Murray seeks to repair his own bond with Kane. He’s pleased when Kane allows him to help with study for his learner driver’s licence theory test, but his methodical approach leads to an argument about Jimmy and Kane reverts to studying alone. When Kane fails the test but still refuses Murray’s help, Dayna challenges him to cut Murray some slack, pointing out that Murray’s entire focus has been Kane’s emotional wellbeing. Kane takes this on board and in a low-key way lets Murray know he’s keen to reconnect over quizzing for his re-sit. When a sheepish Jimmy returns asking for help to sort things with Kane, Wendy is conflicted, knowing if she helps him broker peace with Kane, she risks blowing her family further apart.

Episode #5717

Original air date: April 14, 2015

Murray initially rejects the idea of helping Jimmy sort his problems with Kane, he finally agrees they should meet with Jimmy to get assurances that he won’t let Kane down again. Murray and Dayna come down hard on Jimmy and Wendy fears they’ve gone too far when Jimmy is rattled. Despite Jimmy’s heartfelt attempts to explain why he’s not up to being the live-in Dad that Kane wants him to be, Kane rejects him and Murray is left feeling for his foster-son. Meanwhile, Wendy is shocked to learn that Jimmy is in financial trouble. She confronts Jimmy, who admits he’s broke and has been lying about it. Wendy’s outrage eventually turns to empathy when he confesses that he only lied because he wanted Kane to be proud of him. Meanwhile, Murray’s gratified when Kane assures him he’s all the father he’ll ever need. Wendy appeals to Murray try again to help Jimmy and Kane reconnect, but Murray refuses and a bitter argument ensues, leaving a rift between the couple.

Episode #5718

Original air date: April 15, 2015

Murray’s challenged by Wendy’s resolve to help Jimmy. He backs down, but only to protect Kane from more tension. Wendy invites Jimmy over and encourages Kane to reconcile with his dad. Murray finds Jimmy’s attitude grating and unable to stop voicing his doubts, Murray agrees with a frustrated Wendy that he’s better off leaving her to advocate for Jimmy to Kane.

Episode #5721

Original air date: April 20, 2015

Although Kane seems happier with Jimmy now, Dayna’s still distrustful. She offers to keep an eye on Jimmy on Murray’s behalf and he’s grateful. But Kane’s frustrated Dayna’s monitoring his time with Jimmy. Dayna ends up offside with Kane and realises Murray’s wise to stay out of the situation.

Episode #5722

Original air date: April 21, 2015

With Kane still keeping her at arm’s length, Dayna decides to try a new approach. So when Jimmy claims to have lost $400 right when he needs to pay his bill at The I.V, she chooses to believe him. This wins her points with Kane. That is, until she catches Jack with $400 and reports this to Kane. Offended, Kane admonishes Dayna for her suspicions. But when Dayna reports she saw Jack handing the money over to Mo and lying about where he got it, a saddened Kane knows he has to confront Jack. Jack admits he stole the money because his family are under financial pressure due to his sister’s cancer, and Kane’s heart goes out to him. But feeling she’s doing the right thing, Dayna tells Mo about Jack’s theft. Jack’s in trouble and Kane turns on Dayna, insisting she butt out of his life permanently.

Episode #5723

Original air date: April 22, 2015

Dayna is upset that she’s so badly offside with Kane, but can’t get him to accept her apology. Jimmy offers to mediate with Kane but is hurt when Kane backs him off from a fatherly role. Jimmy determines to step up as an authority figure and is pleased when Kane acquiesces – and Dayna approves. When Jimmy admits his parenting insecurities to Dayna she is thrown to find herself warming to him. She admits this to Murray, who is still sceptical of Jimmy’s character. Dayna is left wishing she knew more about Jimmy – mainly whether she can trust him.

Episode #5724

Original air date: April 23, 2015

When Jimmy mentions a song he wrote with Kane and Dayna’s mother, Dayna and Murray go on a detective trail to find out if he’s telling the truth. They discover he is, and that Jimmy gifted the rights to the song to Jennifer – the proceeds from which Kane and Dayna inherited in Jennifer’s estate. Wanting to repay his generosity, they invite Jimmy to stay and all are happy except Murray, who realises he’s the only one who still distrusts Jimmy.

Episode #5725

Original air date: April 24, 2015

Murray presents his special meatball meal, but his efforts are ignored when Kane, Dayna, Bella and Jimmy are distracted trying to track down a copy of his song written for Kane in utero. When Kane and Dayna have no luck tracking Jimmy’s song, Murray recalls Chris was a fan of the Dunedin sound. Sure enough, Chris has the CD. However, on checking the liner notes, Murray discover the song was written when Jennifer was pregnant with Dayna, not Kane. Realising Jimmy could be Dayna’s father, Murray bins the CD. However, when Chris mentions it to Kane and Dayna, Murray is forced to reveal that Jimmy is Dayna’s father. Everyone is shocked, and Wendy is furious with Murray as she realises he kept this secret from them all.

Episode #5726

Original air date: April 27, 2015

Dayna’s upset and resistant to the idea of Jimmy as her Dad and that’s creating a rift with Kane, who would love it if she’s his “full” sister. Wendy decides a paternity test is the solution – and talks Dayna into doing it. Putting aside his own concerns about Jimmy as a father, Murray supports her – but suspects Dayna’s been pressured into it and privately counsels her that he’ll be here for her no matter what she decides. Dayna then abruptly backs out of the paternity test, insisting Murray’s the only father she’ll ever need. Jimmy’s thrown and Kane’s devastated.

Episode #5727

Original air date: April 28, 2015

Disturbed by the acrimony within her family, Bella challenges Dayna to talk to Kane, to rebuild their bond. Dayna tries, but Kane pressures her to change her mind about the paternity test. He later realises how much Dayna is struggling and regrets adding to her distress. He proposes a sibling road trip to get away for a while and give Dayna time and space to think. Dayna happily agrees.


Episode #5731

Original air date: May 4, 2015

Kane returns from his road trip with Dayna and feels bad for neglecting Jack. Bella and Jimmy miss out on their chance to come clean about their relationship when Kane goes to help Jack set up the house in preparation for Jack’s mother’s return. Pixie, at a low ebb after her chemo, has her heart set on making everything perfect for Margaret. Kane gets on board to help but is appalled when a search for cleaning products reveals the emptiness of the Hannahs’ cupboards. He brings over food supplies from the Coopers’. Mo’s pride leads him to reject the gift but off Pixie’s plea, grudgingly accepts the help. Pixie is crestfallen when Mo reveals that Margaret has been delayed in her return from Australia – but that’s forgotten in the excitement of seeing Curtis, her oldest brother, return. Jack and Curtis are immediately at odds, and Kane is left concerned by the new drama in his friend’s life.

Episode #5732

Original air date: May 5, 2015

Kane’s thrown to find himself in the middle of Jack’s family dramas when Mo explains Margaret can’t return due to her work contract in Australia. But Kane is shocked to learn there’s more to the story and the real reason is that Margaret has been charged with stealing from her boss. Kane feels for Jack when he refuses to believe his mum would steal, and speculates that Curtis must be behind it. Jack confronts Curtis, and Kane’s worried when Jack’s bullied into submission by his brother. Thrown to see proof on Curtis’s phone that Jack’s suspicions are right, he decides to challenge Curtis when Jack refuses to. But Kane’s flabbergasted when Curtis slyly sets him up to look like the aggressor when they come to blows. Jack and his family turn on Kane and he’s dismayed that he can’t prove his innocence.

Episode #5733

Original air date: May 6, 2015
After giving Jack some space to cool off after their altercation, Kane tries to reconnect. Jack doesn’t hold a grudge but won’t accept Kane’s suspicions about Curtis. But when Jack catches Curtis lying, he reconsiders. The boys team up and contact his ex-girlfriend to find the truth about the theft in Oz. Kane’s vindicated when he thinks they’ve proved Curtis a villain, but Mo finally makes contact with Margaret, who admits that Curtis began the fraud, but rather than stop him, she carried it out. Though conflicted, Mo refuses to nark on his son, knowing the family need his help to cope with Pixie’s cancer care. Kane and Jack are riled by the injustice. Later, Kane is shocked to learn that a smitten Dayna has given Curtis a job and the lowlife has inveigled his way into the Cooper world. Hoping to put the recent family rift behind them, Dayna urges Murray to give Jimmy a job at the I.V. At the hospital, Dayna meets Curtis, and supports him through a vulnerable moment after he sees Pixie get chemotherapy. Realising she’s Kane sister, Curtis reveals he clashed with Kane, but twists the story to his advantage. Won over, Dayna warms to the handsome Curtis.

Episode #5734

Original air date: May 7, 2015

Kane urges Murray and Dayna not to give Curtis a job, but is frustrated when they think he’s just got it in for him. Realising Curtis’s job is keeping the Hannahs afloat, Kane backs off. However, when Curtis continues to flirt with Dayna, Kane’s hackles go up again. And when Jimmy admits he and Bella are in love, Kane feels betrayed by everyone in his family. But then he encounters Pixie who, despite her fight against cancer, thinks only of protecting others. Challenged to be more understanding, Kane gives Jimmy and Bella’s romance his blessing, bringing him even closer to his Dad as he vows to keep their secret. Annoyed that Murray has effectively given Jimmy’s job at the I.V to Curtis, Wendy supports Jimmy’s desire to stand up to Murray. Jimmy does so and Murray capitulates. Bolstered by his success, Jimmy tells Kane about his secret affair with Bella. Kane reacts badly at first and Jimmy worries he’s seriously damaged their relationship. However after talking with Pixie, Kane comes around to the idea – just as long as Jimmy and Bella continue to keep their love secret from the Coopers.

Episode #5735

Original air date: May 8, 2015

Kane apologises to Jack for meddling in his family business but is drawn in again when he lets slip that Pixie knows more than they think she does about the Margaret situation. Mo decides they need to come clean and Kane is surprised when Curtis helps Mo explain the full truth about Margaret to Pixie. Seeing the Hannahs’ capacity for forgiveness inspires Kane and he goes to Dayna and offers her his support, whatever she decides to do about the paternity test, and Dayna’s grateful.

Episode #5739

Original air date: May 14, 2015

With a big assignment due, Kane wants to help Jack get it done as he knows he and his family are finding life stressful and tough. Jack and Mo are grateful for Kane’s help – they know Jack could go on to great things if he succeeds at school. But when Curtis blows up under the pressure the family are under, and bunks off, there’s no one to mind Pixie. Mo’s oblivious, as he’s working all hours, so it falls to Jack to care for her. This interferes with Jack’s ability to get his assignment done, and Kane and Jack decide to wag school to get it finished. But Pixie becomes unwell and they have to take her into the hospital for a check up, so fail to get the work done. Ms Dupree turns up looking for them and a stressed Jack announces he wants to quit school – triggering a huge argument with Mo, who’s extremely upset at the idea of him sacrificing his future because of Pixie’s situation. In private with Ms Dupree, Kane leaps to Jack’s defence. Ms. Dupree agrees to give Jack a second change – provided his assignment is completed. Feeling he has no other option, Kane hands her his own completed assignment and lies that it is Jack’s – putting his own school future on the line to do so.

Episode #5740

Original air date: May 15, 2015

Kane tells Jack that he’s passed off his assignment as Jack’s, and appeals to him to use the chance to stay in school. Knowing he needs to catch up, he asks for Kane to help him continue cheating with his English studies. Despite the risk, and the fact Dupree is already suspicious of him, Kane reluctantly agrees. Dayna discovers this and tries to convince him to stop, but Kane refuses, insisting he can handle the extra work. Dayna reluctantly relents, on the condition that Kane maintain his grades – or she’ll tell. Kane’s left reeling at the scale of the challenge he’s just taken on.

Episode #5746

Original air date: May 25, 2015

Searching for more fulfillment on her life, Wendy invites herself along to an open day at uni with Kane and Jack but is overwhelmed by how youthful everyone else is, leaving her disillusioned about her chances of pursuing an academic sideline career.


Episode #5748

Original air date: May 27, 2015

Having revealed her feelings for Jimmy, Wendy’s shamed and embittered that Bella and Jimmy kept their relationship a secret. Neither Dayna nor Murray take the news well, especially when they realise that Kane and Leanne have known for some time.

Episode #5752

Original air date: June 2, 2015

Dayna’s paternity results arrive and reveal Jimmy is her father. Dayna’s insistent this means nothing, until she goes to tell Jimmy the news. She’s shocked to feel something for him, and Jimmy and Kane are hopeful this is a sign they could one day be a family.

Episode #5756

Original air date: June 8, 2015

Bella reveals to Jimmy that she is pregnant. Freaked out by the news, Jimmy tries to run only to get caught by Dayna. Disgusted, she tells him to leave.  When Kane finds this out, he accuses Dayna of forcing Jimmy out of their lives because she thinks she doesn’t want him as a parent. But Kane insists he needs him and so does Bella – and if Dayna will only admit it, she does too. Dayna’s left challenged – could Kane be right?

Episode #5758

Original air date: June 9, 2015

Dayna’s dilemma only worsens when Bella shows up, needing to see Jimmy. She gets a hint he may have scarpered, which only makes Dayna and Kane all too aware of how much she needs him. Desperate now to convince him to stay, Kane and Dayna challenge him to front up to his responsibilities. Dayna even promises to try and accept him as her father. Jimmy takes heart from this and agrees to stay.

Episode #5761 & #5762

Original air date: June 15, 2015

Kane’s appalled to find Jack and Curtis stoned off the cannabis Pixie’s using for pain relief. But the brothers’ drug-induced state leads to a cathartic moment between the two, and they draw closer. That is, until their illegal drug use is discovered by the landlord.


Episode #5764

Original air date: June 17, 2015

Kane struggles under the pressure of helping Jack’s family and his own rugby commitments – as well as feeling overlooked in his family. But after finding a sympathetic listener in Bobby, Kane starts to feel good about things again – and develops a crush.


Episode #5765

Original air date: June 18, 2015

Kane enjoys a couple of moments of connection with his student PE teacher, Bobby. She is privately lonely and enjoys Kane’s company, though Kane finds himself increasingly attracted…and then a fun and sweaty sprint race turns into a kiss.


Episode #5766

Original air date: June 19, 2015

Murray’s worried that he’s been neglecting his parenting. He sets out to help Kane catch up on his schoolwork, but Jimmy sides with Kane and lets him finish his work at Jack’s – only for Murray to find out that Kane’s lied to them about where he is and what he’s doing. When it’s clear that Kane is wagging, Jimmy goes in search of him and observes him kissing his ‘girlfriend’ in the park. When Kane later skives off, being rude to Murray and Jimmy in the process, Jimmy reveals to Murray that Kane is in the throes of a passionate teen romance. Murray understands, but insists that he and Jimmy have to get Kane and his teen girlfriend under control. Later that day, they find that Kane has stolen a room key and taken his girlfriend up to an I.V hotel room for sex. Determined to straighten him out, Jimmy and Murray intercept Kane, but as they’re letting him leave with his teen lover, Dayna reveals the truth – Kane’s girlfriend is actually his PE teacher from Ferndale High.

Episode #5767 & #5768

Original air date: June 22, 2015

Alarmed when he sees Kane and Bobby together, Murray calls in the school principal. Jimmy is uneasy with his decision, but Murray insists he’s done the right thing. When Kane hears that Bobby has been suspended, he turns defiant. He insists he won’t give up on her now that Murray has ignored Kane’s feelings
and ruined Bobby’s life.

Episode #5773 & #5774

Original air date: June 29, 2015

Murray and Jimmy find out that Kane’s rugby is suffering because he’s too busy thinking about Bobby – sport isn’t only his dream career, it’s helped him to fight his way out of depression. They go to Bobby to convince her to cut Kane loose, for his sake. She agrees to, but when she tries Kane convinces her to help train him. Murray is left realising he needs to try harder to break up this dangerous romance.  Murray and Jimmy check on Kane to confirm his training with Bobby is legitimate. Kane catches them spying and Murray is forced to endorse Bobby as Kane’s trainer. Kane is vindicated but when Wendy finds out what’s going on, she’s displeased.

Episode #5775

Original air date: June 30, 2015

Kane has a disappointing start to his rugby match. But Bobby gives him some hard-line advice, and he rallies and ends up kicking the game-winning point. Kane is buoyed to think he may be able to be the star he always dreamed of being… until he finds out Bobby’s leaving Ferndale. Shocked, he declares his love, and promises her they can run away together. Bobby doesn’t want this. Murray, Jimmy and Wendy are relieved when Bobby ends things with Kane… but Kane is bereft. So much so that he admits he doesn’t know where his life is headed anymore, with Bobby gone and Jimmy’s new baby with Bella on the way. Murray, Wendy and Jimmy are deeply concerned, realising they face a new, unexpected battle – Kane’s becoming depressed.

Episode #5776

Original air date: July 1, 2015

Wendy worries that Bobby’s rejection will drive Kane under, so Dayna offers to speak to her troubled brother. He admits he’s feeling lost and Dayna bolsters that he needn’t equate rugby prowess with personal worth, and he doesn’t have to make any committed life plans just yet. Kane informs the family he’ll be okay but is rethinking some of his goals. Murray’s alarmed that this might include rugby and encourages him to continue. Jimmy agrees, urging Kane to dream big, and Kane is given hope to chase his dream. Dayna worries he’s succumbing to pressure from Murray, but is persuaded to get on board when Murray insists that Kane is in the driver’s seat. When Kane gets excited about the possibility of a big rugby trial however, she fears that he’s being set up for a fall he won’t cope with in his fragile emotional state.

Episode #5777

Original air date: July 2, 2015

Dayna worries about Kane when he gets excited about Murray’s plans for him to be a rugby star. Sure enough, he fails to get into the rugby academy – because the squad is full, not for lack of talent – and Dayna swings in to support him emotionally. She ropes him into I.V party planning as a way of keeping him close to her and lifting his spirits.


Episode #5779 & #5780

Original air date: July 6, 2015

Dayna’s pleased that Kane’s distracted from his low feelings as he organises the luau party at the juice bar. When a drunk customer hassles him, she gets overprotective and throws the drunk out, only to discover him in hospital the next day fighting for his
life after a drunken car accident. Finding herself counsellor to the drunk man’s father, Ken, her guilt overcomes her. She pulls out of the role, and tries to take comfort from Kane, only to discover he’s received an offer to leave Ferndale to attend the a rugby academy. She fears he won’t cope being away from family support. Just as she’s trying to come to terms with it, an upset and angry Ken confronts her about her role in his son’s accident. Dayna feels exposed as a hypocrite in front of everyone. She’s deeply touched when Kane leaps to her defense against a pushy Ken, showing the emotional resilience he has developed.  She realises he’s up to coping with life away from the family at the Academy. He accepts – sending Jimmy and the Coopers into a state of excitement mixed with sadness. Dayna’s been deeply rattled by her encounter with Ken and is wrestling with inner doubts. Kane’s her rock. When he prepares to leave unexpectedly quickly, sharing touching farewells with all, she’s left realising he’s become the strong one, and she’ll have to cope with her new-found problems without him.