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Episode #5401 & #5402

Original air date: January 13, 2014

Murray returns and is taken aback to discover the Cooper family want Dayna and Kane to stay on permanently. Evan tries to encourage Murray to bond with Kane and convinces Dayna to make more of an effort with his parents. Murray allows Dayna to work at the IV – as a distraction from her problems. She seems to be working hard enough but when Dayna flirts with a hot customer, Evan gets jealous. Later, he reprimands her for texting the hot customer but Dayna is actually texting Kane – shes being picked up to go to her mothers funeral. Evans guilty and apologises, saying that he wants to accompany her to the funeral.

Episode #5408

Original air date: January 21, 2014
Lumped with Kane for the day, Harry enlists him and Toby into helping him pull a mean prank on Grace to achieve his end. Kane is reluctant, but plays along in order to make friends. When Nate almost busts Harry and the boys, Kane takes the heat for all of them, impressing Harry who feels sure his prank on Grace is now certain to succeed.

Episode #5410

Original air date: January 23, 2014

Harry lies that hes going to the movies and instead grabs Toby and Kane to investigate the scene of Travis murder. Kane discovers a shoe box with thousands of dollars and a cell phone in it. Alone, Harry, Toby and Kane check the phone but its locked and they dont recognise the man in screen saver – Travis.

Episode #5411

Original air date: January 24, 2014

When Kanes departure becomes imminent, Murray realises how much hes going to miss him. Cautious, he broaches the idea that Kane stays in Ferndale, but when Kane starts to embrace the idea, Murray worries hes built his hopes up when they discover his school fees might have already been paid for. But Kanes absent dad refuses to pay for boarding school for Kane wants so he commits to staying with the Coopers and Murray’s pleased. Loving his new home, Kane accidentally alerts an angry Murray to Dayna and Evans relationship. When Kane inadvertently highlights his family security is on the line, Dayna realises she can’t continue the relationship. Meanwhile, Evans given doubts by Ula. But when he hears Wendy bolster that Kane and Dayna need support, Evan refuses to let Dayna go.

Episode #5412

Original air date: January 27, 2014

Kane meets Toby and Harry before his first day at Ferndale High and they finally get Travis phone working. At home, Kane walks in on Evan and Dayna as a sensible Dayna tries to curtail a hot Evan by denying him a kiss. Theyre unaware Kanes seen them, and Kanes left thinking Evans taking advantage of his sister.

Episode #5413

Original air date: January 28, 2014

Thinking Evan is taking advantage of his sister, Kane confronts Dayna about their relationship. Despite her reassurance, Kane still believes he has to protect her. With Harry and Tobys help, Kane ambushes Evan and roughs him up, warning him off with and embarrassing video. Harry is sharing the photos hes taken on his phone of their retribution when Evan finds them. Angry, he grabs Kanes phone, intending to delete the images and is shocked to see Traviss photograph on the screensaver. After questioning the boys, Evan hands the phone and Traviss money to Ula, claiming he is the one who found the items in order to protect Kane and his friends.

Episode #5420

Original air date: February 6, 2014

Toby is pleased to find Honour – a hot girl from school – at the beach. But Kane has come to play touch rugby and Toby is dismayed when the girls want to join them, aware that sport is not his forte. During the game, Kanes talent gains the girls attention, causing Toby to pretend to be hurt to get Honours attention. A naive Kane wants to leave, and is hurt when Toby embarrasses him to impress Honour.

Episode #5425

Original air date: February 12, 2014

In an attempt to charm Honour, Toby decides to organise a party. But Kane is annoyed that Toby is focusing on Honour instead of on their friendship and refuses to go. Guilty, Toby makes amends by proposing they invite other people – not just Honour and her friends – and by promising to buy alcohol. But when Toby and Kane try to get booze through Dayna at the bar, she refuses, and Toby learns she’s been in trouble for watering down the alcohol. It seems all is lost and the party will be cancelled, until Toby finds the contaminated liquor at the Cooper’s House and plans to steal it for the party. Keen to impress Honour and having won Kane around, Toby gets ready for the party to end all parties.

Episode #5426

Original air date: February 13, 2014

After boasting about his secret party to impress Honor, Toby pinches party supplies from Murray – hiding it from Kane, who he knows is too loyal to the Coopers to support him. But when Kylie changes her plans for tomorrow night, the party is put in jeopardy.

Episode #5427

Original air date: February 14, 2014

Toby’s alarmed when Honour points out his online party invite is set to ‘open’ – anyone can come. He considers cancelling the party, but Kane asserts it’s too late and works out an alternative solution: he’ll send the unwanted partiers to a different address. Honour’s impressed with Kane, and Toby’s glad he’s dodged a bullet. The party gets underway, but things quickly turn sour when Kane realises Toby’s booze for the party is the diluted stuff Murray brought home from the bar. He accuses Toby of stealing from him, and they fall out. Kane can’t resist getting back at Toby for betraying him, and makes a show of hooking up with Honour. Toby’s mortified.

Episode #5428

Original air date: February 17, 2014

Murray’s warmed by the seeming honesty in his relationship with Kane. Hes rocked when he learns Kane neglected to tell him about Toby stealing from him. But when he realises Kane tried to, he stands up in defence of him to Wendy. But it doesnt wash, and Murray feels for Kane when hes punished.

Episode #5448

Original air date: March 17, 2014

Stressed by the bar’s financial woes, Murray is forced to fire Dayna. Dayna is crushed and believing she has no place in the Cooper household, she determines to leave. Desperate to stop her, Evan reveals the truth about her inheritance. He’s upset when this drives Dayna to leave and take Kane with her.

Episode #5450

Original air date: March 19, 2014

Nate is frustrated when Toby and Kane prank him – and he’s mortified when he gets angry at them and Kane films it and distributes evidence of his “nervous breakdown” among Shortland Street staff.

Episode #5451

Original air date: March 20, 2014

Knowing that Toby has a crush on Honour, Emma assures an impressionable Honour that it’s okay to have romantic but innocent feelings. But Honour’s starting to like Kane, not Toby. Honour comes on to Kane, hoping for a girlfriend status. Emma learns about Honour’s intentions too late to curb Toby’s expectations. When Toby learns of Honour and Kane’s new relationship he’s crushed, leaving Emma feeling terrible at the damage her involvement has done to her and Toby’s relationship.

Episode #5452

Original air date: March 21, 2014

Wanting to help, Emma invites Harry over. Toby’s given food for thought by Harry’s view that Honour’s to blame for hurting him.  Meanwhile, Kane is good-naturedly teased for singing soppy love songs from his rugby mate, Jack. Distancing himself from Honour because he’s not sure about the relationship, Kane feels bad when he hears she’s the target of cyber bullying.

Episode #5456

Original air date: March 27, 2014

Although Toby’s at first reluctant, he’s prompted by Kylie and Emma to carry on with an item at the performance night and use it to win back his friendship with Kane and Honour. Toby works to get Kane to agree and organises a meeting to discuss ideas for the show. Emma and Kylie work to bring a reluctant Sam onside and Kane’s unsettled to realise he’s under scrutiny when all three adults insist on chaperoning the kids. Deciding to spend time with his less complicated rugby mates, Kane disappoints his friends, but Honour’s hurt the most. Angry at Kane, Sam’s finally made to realise that he’s nothing more than a good friend to Honour and it’s Sams suspicions that have driven him away. However, when Kane returns with his rugby mates and they taunt Honour and Toby, a disgusted Kane stands up to them and goes as far as quitting the team. Honour kisses him in a moment of gratitude and admiration just as Sam walks in the door. Sam is outraged and Kane’s alarmed – despite his bold, noble stand, he’s in the firing line from Sam once again.

Episode #5457

Original air date: March 28, 2014

Despite the trouble he’s in with Sam, accidental-boyfriend Kane stands by his relationship with Honour. Knowing it’s cost him his friendship with Toby and his beloved rugby, Evan and Dayna swing in to support him. Meanwhile, Toby heeds Emma and Kylie’s advice to not give up on friendships and makes peace with Kane. When Honour sticks up for her innocent relationship with Kane, Sam meets with Kane to see if he’s worthy of being with his daughter, and decides he is on condition they behave as friends, not like a dating couple. Kane’s day gets even better when his rugby mates miss him on the team and decide to support his pro-Honour/anti-cyber bullying stance. Kane’s left pleased that defending Honour hasn’t lost him any friends after all. Distracted by Kane’s situation, Evan quashes a niggle of doubt about the builders who are sprucing up the I.V.

Episode #5458

Original air date: March 31, 2014

A call to the police confirms the builders have been conning businesses all over the country and that Evan and Dayna are unlikely to see them or their money again. Gutted, Evan and Dayna go to see Rachel for help, unaware that Kane has heard their woes. He gets Toby and Honour on board, then lures the builders back to the I.V, intending to catch them in the act of robbing the safe. The dodgy builders return, but while the group secretly films them, Toby’s phone goes off and they’re discovered. The dodgy wiring sinks the room into darkness and the crooks stop the kids’ exit until they hand over their phones, unaware that a fire has started. Kane manages to alert Evan and Dayna just as the fire takes hold. The crooks flee, accidentally pushing Honour aside in their escape. Toby gives chase but loses them. At the same time, the call goes out for fire, an ambulance and Sam arrive first on foot, only to learn that Honour is trapped in the fire. He tries to kick the door down, to no avail. An adrenaline-charged Sam is horrified to realise he cannot get to his trapped daughter.

Episode #5459

Original air date: April 1, 2014

Sam enters the burning I.V to save Honour and Kane, but when he’s left alone with a convulsing Honour, he freezes, unable to take action to help her. Ula steps in and stops Honour from choking, leaving Sam feeling guilty for failing his daughter. Sam forbids Honour from seeing Kane and Toby, but Honour defies him, making Sam feel like he’s lost her anyway. Emma counsels an upset Sam to foster open communication with Honour while Kane encourages Honour not to reject her caring dad. The two reach an understanding when Sam admits how affected he’s been by Honour’s mum’s death.

Episode #5464

Original air date: April 15, 2014

When Leanne then finds a picture of an old sporting record of his for doing burpee exercises around the hospital, Vinnie’s prompted to beat it to prove he’s still young and can match his old record. He does so, and is thrilled. But when Kane boasts that he could beat Vinnie’s time, Vinnie challenges him, and ends up competing alongside him. Kane wins, and although Nicole’s worried he’ll get competitive, Vinnie is graceful in defeat. However, left alone, he’s determined to beat Kane’s record, and performs the burpee challenge for a third time. He’s stoked when he beats Kane’s time, but he’s worked himself too hard in the process and ends up passing out, knocking himself unconscious in the fall.

Episode #5475

Original air date: April 24, 2014

Sam won’t budge on his decision to date Emma, so a defiant Honour tries to rile him by flirting with Kane. But Kane feels caught in the middle and doesn’t want to get involved. Sam’s angry at Kane, mistakenly assuming an absent Honour stayed the night with him, and a worried Kane misses rugby practice to look for her. When Emma realises how badly her relationship with Sam is affecting Honour, she feels terrible. Honour tries to reconnect with Kane but he announces he needs to focus on rugby and school, rather than her. Honour’s upset to realise she’s only driven him away. Seeing Honour’s upset, Emma advises her to try to spend time with Kane while doing schoolwork. When the advice works, Honour grudgingly accepts that Emma’s not quite as bad as she thought.

Episode #5476

Original air date: April 25, 2014

Finding a new focus to avoid dealing with Evan, Murray throws himself into caring for Kane, who’s preparing for an important training session. Kane’s grateful for Murray’s input, and Murray’s buoyed to feel needed. Wendy worries Murray’s burying his head in the sand, but Murray refuses to let Evan’s negativity drag the rest of the family down. At the rugby trial, Kane’s intimidated to see he’s up against Jack Hannah, a more experienced player. Murray gives him a pep talk, but he’s worried Kane’s nervousness may cost him a place on the team. But using a tactic taught to him by Murray, Kane’s victorious. Murray looks forward to coaching Kane further, only to have a scout from St Bart’s offer Kane a full boarding and coaching scholarship. Kane accepts the offer, and Murray’s crushed to realise he’s losing another son.

Episode #5477

Original air date: April 28, 2014

Though outwardly supporting Kane’s rugby scholarship, Murray feels rejected by him and Evan. Dayna wears his misdirected frustration, though it infuriates Wendy and she challenges her husband to get over himself. Murray has success when Evan returns his phone call, and after reconnecting with Dayna, feels better for taking Wendy’s advice. Kane’s commitments mean he now has little time for Honour. She tries unsuccessfully to win his attention, and eventually takes Vasa’s advice to do something for herself, and joins Toby’s band.

Episode #5487

Original air date: May 9, 2014

Toby feels he’s making ground with Honour in Kane’s absence, but is disappointed to realise Honour is still focused on Kane. Meanwhile a lonely Kane wags school to stake his claim to Honour. She’s initially thrilled, but her hopes the three can perform together are dashed when Kane reveals how little time he can spend with her. When Kane leaves, Toby’s determined to show Honour he’s an equally worthy boyfriend by offering to play Kane’s part in their performance.

Episode #5488

Original air date: May 12, 2014

Toby draws even closer to Honour, unaware that Kane is uneasy after seeing Toby and Honour’s music clip online. Just as Toby’s making a romantic move, Kane wags school and shows up. Honour’s delighted and Toby’s disappointed to come second best to Kane again. Out of Kane’s hearing, Toby declares his feelings to Honour, but she’s committed to Kane. When Kane turns up again the next day, raising Honour’s hopes of time together, Toby is irked to realise that Kane is keeping Honour on hold, when really he has no time for her. Toby challenges Kane and reveals that if he ever wins Honour as his girlfriend, he’ll treat her better.

Episode #5489

Original air date: May 13, 2014

Toby throws a small party to celebrate a sporting achievement of Honour’s. He’s vindicated when at the party, Honour cuts short a phone call from a now worried Kane. Toby wins points with both Honour and Sam when he proves how much he cares for Honour by demonstrating how well he knows her. Kane arrives to see what’s going on and is frustrated to see evidence Toby is winning Honour over. But when it’s clear Honour still prefers Kane, Toby decides to make sure Kane can’t keep sneaking out. Kane admits his biggest upset to Jack – that he dearly misses his friends and family while he’s at school. But he realises he’s going to miss them more than ever when Toby’s plan is enacted. St Bart’s is alerted to Kane’s truancy, and Kane knows he won’t be able to sneak out ever again. But what hurts most is the betrayal of his best friend, and Kane’s left gutted.

Episode #5490

Original air date: May 14, 2014

Toby feels guilty about betraying Kane and Kane’s rugby mate Jack figures out what he did. When Jack confronts him, Toby has to confess and a furious Honour tells him to apologise. Toby does so and is hopeful when Kane breaks up with Honour since he won’t be able to see her. But a heartbroken Honour blames Toby, who loses both her and Kane from his life.

Episode #5495

Original air date: May 21, 2014

Toby acts up with Kylie, Emma and Kane, and when a worried Honour reaches out to Kane in an attempt to get Toby more support, Toby reacts badly. Kane’s happy to be allowed to visit his family, but Dayna believes he’s hiding something. Kane reveals he feels lonely and ostracised from his friends and Dayna determines to reconnect them. She organises a juice-tasting, but despite Kane’s efforts, Toby’s unwilling to connect. When Honour explains Toby’s issues with his dad, Kane is sympathetic but this only raises Toby’s ire, and Kane’s left feeling more estranged than ever.  Dayna feels bad and enlists the Cooper’s support. Together they present Kane with mementos from home, so he doesn’t feel so lonely at school. Kane’s warmed by their love.

Episode #5502

Original air date: May 30, 2014

When Honour pulls him away to watch Kane play rugby, he’s surprised to realise he’d rather be talking to Brett. Kane is over the moon when he’s given a start with the first fifteen, but only because a player was late for training. He calls Murray for support and Murray encourages him, promising that the whole family will be there to watch. The Coopers and co turn up to the school function – it’s flash and the Coopers embarrass themselves when they eat food intended for VIPs. But it only amuses Kane who enjoys having the family there – they’ve got rid of his homesickness. However, all are disappointed when Kane doesn’t get to start the game. Coach has been pressured to play the original boy – because his rich and generous father has turned up to watch. Incensed, Murray tricks the coach into thinking that Dallas is a reporter and has heard the rumour of elitism. Coach quickly rectifies the situation, putting Kane on the field. Kane performs brilliantly and Murray is proud. However, Kane’s glory is short-lived when he’s badly injured and his rugby dreams are in tatters.

Episode #5503

Original air date: June 2, 2014

Kane fears that his knee injury is an ACL tear but Harper won’t confirm. Kane tries to make himself feel better by talking positively. But when Jack comes to apologise for the tackle, Kane explodes and kicks everyone out, mired in fury and despair. Honour gets through to him when Murray can’t, and he takes solace from her comfort. It’s short-lived though, when Kane learns he will be recuperating at the Coopers – he fears his rugby team and coach will forget all about him.  Toby is unnerved by Honour’s deep concern for Kane. But Brett bolsters that there is clear chemistry between him and Honour, and that Kane isn’t a threat to his romantic hopes. After Honour defers making music with Toby in order to spend time with Kane, Toby feels rejected and Brett recommends Toby try a different strategy. Honour is pleased by Toby’s suggestion to include Kane in their music and off a warm moment, Toby tries for a kiss. Honour rejects the kiss and Toby is left mortified to realise he misread the signals.

Episode #5504

Original air date: June 3, 2014

Toby is gutted when Honour doesn’t respond to his kiss – she likes him as a friend, but doesn’t want romance. Feeling bad, Honour checks on Kane but doesn’t mention what happened. Sensing something’s amiss, Kane contacts Toby who is too embarrassed to talk to him. But Kane hears what happened from Kylie and visits Toby who is touched by his friend’s concern.

Episode #5506

Original air date: June 5, 2014

Kane’s disappointed when his tests indicate he’s got to have knee surgery. Wendy and Murray try to convince him it’s a positive step to recuperation, but Kane’s gutted as it means his rugby season’s over. Though visits from Toby and Honour momentarily cheer him, his worry builds when Murray explains St Barts need him to maintain top grades to keep his scholarship. Certain he’s not up to it, Kane accepts Honour’s offer to help him study, unaware the heartbroken Toby feels even more left out. But Kane can’t bear to look at his homework, so Honour refuses to help him. It’s only because Kane lacks confidence but Murray’s worried Kane won’t keep up and starts doing Kane’s homework for him.

Episode #5514

011.jpgOriginal air date: June 17, 2014
Kane, Toby and Honour get together with Sam to talk about Honour’s assault.







Episode #5516

079.jpgOriginal air date: June 19, 2014

Kane’s dejected prior to his knee surgery, so Murray resolves to cheer him up to aid in his recovery. When he finds out Kane hasn’t done his assignment for school, Murray promises to get Kane an extension. He fails, but lies to Kane that he has, determined Kane won’t go into surgery feeling pessimistic. When Evan finds Murray doing Kane’s work, he convinces him to only do the research notes, not write up the actual project which would be cheating. Murray does so, and is hopeful that Kane will finish the rest. But when Kane’s too tired after his surgery, and falls asleep, Murray realises all his hard work may be for nothing, so starts writing up the project too.


Episode #5517

124.jpgOriginal air date: June 20, 2014

Using Murray’s notes, Kane believes he can successfully complete his overdue assignment. Later, Murray is proud to find Kane has doggedly completed his work but soon discovers the work is of a very poor standard. Murray tries to fix it but Wendy intervenes. Murray justifies that Kane has run out of excuses with the school, and as he’s suffering post-op effects he needs help. Murray works all night to tidy up the assignment and Kane is proud to hand the work in. But Kane’s school dean visits to report the work was out-dated and ill-informed. Offended, Murray defends the work and in his fervour reveals he was responsible for most of it – which sees Kane suspended for cheating on top of all his other misdemeanours.

Episode #5518

Original air date: June 23, 2014

Murray is convinced St Bart’s used his cheating as an excuse to suspend Kane, as he was no longer useful to the school due to his rugby injury. But Kane knows better, realising he only has himself to blame. Dayna takes a hard line with him, warning him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Murray belatedly realises his mistake thanks to Wendy and they turn their minds to lifting Kane out of his depression. Evan advises they take Dayna’s advice and butt out – what Kane needs is his friends. That night, Dayna and Evan are pleased when Kane makes an effort when Honour and Jack come over to see him. It’s not until he’s alone that he lets down his guard and his true misery shows.

Episode #5519

013.jpgOriginal air date: June 24, 2014

Kane is only seen briefly in this episode, when Dayna and Evan are speaking about going on a expensive romantic date.






Episode #5522

019.jpgOriginal air date: June 27, 2014

Toby and Kane speak about Toby going away with his dad. Toby confesses to Kane about hitting the tagger, Marcus, with the baton. Kane doesn’t take the confession well, and accuses Toby of changing.




Episode #5523 & #5524

218.jpgOriginal air date: June 30, 2014

Brett demands that Toby turn off his phone – he doesn’t want Emma or the police to be able to track them. Realising she’s in danger, Honour tries to text Sam for help. When he doesn’t reply, she tries to escape from Brett’s vehicle, oblivious to the fact that he’s seen her. As they’re driving, Honour comes to and sees a road sign. When they arrive at their destination she manages to steal Brett’s phone and text a message to Kane. Kane doesn’t recognise the number or understand the text so deletes it. When Honour realises she’s too isolated to find help, she’s forced to face her fears and return to the bach to confront Brett. But first she leaves her scarf tied to a tree – hopefully someone, like Kane, will recognise it and come to her rescue. When Kane learns Toby and Honour are missing, he passes on Honour’s cryptic text to the cops. It only confirms the cops’ belief Brett’s heading south, but Kane’s not so sure. He pursues his theory that Brett has headed north, and secretly takes Kylie’s car to check it out. Once up north, he’s stumped about where exactly to go – until he sees Honour’s scarf tied around a tree and follows the clue. Meanwhile, Emma returns from a fruitless trip south to Geraldine and learns about Kane’s hunch that Brett’s up north.

Later, Honour arrives at the bach too exhausted to fight Brett and instead searches for a way to escape. Thwarted, she tries to hide but accidently makes a noise which alerts Brett. Aware it’s Honour, Brett prepares Toby for conflict with a dangerous attacker. But the intruder is revealed to be Honour, who accuses Brett of being her alley attacker. In her distress, Honour’s accusations come across as unstable and Toby doesn’t believe her. Feigning concern, Brett urges Toby to take Honour to hospital – but determined to silence her, he sedates her once again. Toby’s alarmed, but Brett convinces him it’s in Honour’s best interests. Eager to be seen only as a hero in Toby’s mind, Brett hurries him out – as he’s intent on dying alone. But Kane arrives and confirms Honour’s accusations. Furious, Brett threatens Kane’s life unaware Toby has returned and has heard and seen all. Fired up by his Dad’s many betrayals, Toby lashes out.

Episode #5525

099.jpgOriginal air date: July 1, 2014

Toby’s horrified to realise he’s killed Brett, but puts aside his dismay to get Honour back to Shortland Street. On the way, Kane suggests he tell the police what happened, but Toby can’t go through with it. Honour rouses and is okay, but Toby tells Kane they can’t tell anyone what happened – he can’t claim self defence for his actions, and doesn’t want to go to jail. Kane’s uneasy, but when he hears Kylie judge Brett for his crimes, he realises Toby will be unfairly judged the same. So he agrees to keep Toby’s secret – no one can know what happened. Emma can’t find the kids up north and feels helpless. So too does Kylie, when Sam manages to find a way to aid the search and she can’t. She feels even worse when she learns Kane’s missing too, and Murray holds her responsible and remiss as a guardian. Upset and emotional, she is relieved when all three teens turn up safe and sound.

Episode #5526

068.jpgOriginal air date: July 2, 2014

Toby tries to convince Kane to lie to the police so they can cover up Brett’s murder. But when Kane is anxious, Toby worries he’s not up to it. Kane eventually does lie, claiming that he hit Brett so he and Toby could rescue Honour. The boys spin a story that directs the police away from the murder site, where Brett’s body still lies. Thinking Toby’s asleep, Emma and Kylie agree to tell him the truth about Brett’s cancer, but Toby’s actually secretly driving back to the hut with Kane so they can hide Brett’s body before the police find it. Frantically cleaning Emma’s car, Kane and Toby hope they’ve covered their tracks, but a random passer-by, Jack, hears them discussing a dirty mark left in the boot and questions them about it.

Episode #5527

144.jpgOriginal air date: July 3, 2014

Kane and Toby are relieved when Jack assumes they were just out joyriding, so play along. Toby manages to get the car home without Emma and Kylie realising it’s been gone. But his guilt flares when Emma tells him Brett was dying of cancer. Kane informs him that Jack is sending texts about their supposed joyride – which only creates another problem, as no one can know they were away in Emma’s car. With effort, Toby and Kane just manage to contain Jack’s gossiping. Toby and Kane fear the police have discovered Brett’s shallow grave when Sergeant Foster meets with them. But the sergeant explains the only sign of Brett is his clothes left on the beach – which hints at suicide. Toby and Kane dare to hope they may actually get away with their crime.

Episode #5534

092.jpgOriginal air date: July 11, 2014

Kane struggles with keeping up with his and Toby’s cover story, the matter keeping him from sleeping. Toby pressures him into not telling the truth.






Episode #5535 & #5536

123.jpgOriginal air date: July 14, 2014

Toby is unsettled when Kane’s nagging conscience draws unwanted attention to them. Thinking the police are giving up their search for Brett, Toby promises everything will be okay and guilts Kane into supporting him. Kane does but, when he sleeptalks, Emma and Kylie report this to Murray and collectively confront Kane. Toby covers for him by talking about their guilt over Brett. Toby’s relieved to think they’re in the clear. But unbeknownst to them, Brett’s body is uncovered by the police. Toby and Kane are alarmed when the police find Brett’s body – he’s been bludgeoned and it’s now a homicide investigation. Brought in for questioning, Toby fears Kane will reveal the truth. Toby’s guilt builds as he sees Emma pulled in for questioning, and the stress Kane and the Coopers are under thanks to him. He feels the noose tighten when Emma and Kylie’s cars are impounded for DNA tests. Hating that he’s making others suffer for his crime, Toby finally admits the truth to Emma – he killed Brett.

Episode #5538

002.jpgOriginal air date: July 16, 2014

Upon hearing that Emma confessed of being guilty of Brett’s murder in order to save Toby, Kane confronts his friend about the matter.






Episode #5540

002.jpgOriginal air date: July 18, 2014

Kane tells Dayna that he knows she and Evan broke up. When asked about how he is feeling, he desmisses Dayna and leaves the room.






Episode #5541 & #5542

099.jpgOriginal air date: July 21, 2014

Kane’s appalled that Emma’s wrongly confessed to Brett’s murder. When a guilt-stricken Toby can’t bear to hear his concerns, Kane resolves to confront Emma directly and visits her in remand with Toby and Kylie. Alone with Kane, Emma firmly quashes Kane’s doubts, insisting he let her take the blame. Kane reluctantly stays quiet but Kylie’s suspicious there’s a secret being kept from her. She confronts Kane, but Wendy sees and protectively backs Kylie off. Kane’s dismayed to see Emma’s well-meant lie is adversely affecting everyone. Toby and Kane realise Jack unwittingly has evidence that could convict them of Brett’s murder. Toby would rather inveigle him in the lie than come clean. That grates with Kane, who knows they need to confess. Meanwhile Kylie’s realised how hard Emma’s finding it in remand. Feeling bad about this, Toby finally comes clean to Kylie, who is devastated. Toby and Kane confess their role in the murder to the police. Toby and Kane are arrested. The Cooper’s are stunned, and when Emma’s released and Toby and Kane are taken away, two families are left distraught.

Episode #5543

028.jpgOriginal air date: July 22, 2014

After Kane’s arrest, Murray’s angry that he’s paying the price for what Toby did. He chastises Emma for what her family has done to land Kane in trouble, making her feel terrible. Murray’s relieved that Kane is out on bail. But he’s challenged when Kane makes him reconsider Emma’s situation – Toby hasn’t been bailed, and she’ll be suffering.




Episode #5550

062.jpgOriginal air date: July 30, 2014

Kylie finds partial comfort in Chris’s insistence that the incarcerated Toby would want her to live her life fully, and is reassured when Toby confirms this. She sadly says goodbye to him. Passing on a message from Toby to Kane, Kylie has helped Kane to move forward.





Episode #5551

184.jpgOriginal air date: July 31, 2014

Dayna is pleased when she feels she’s able to support Kane through his difficult time, privately feeling she’s found a purpose. But when Kylie offers a differing view on what Kane needs, Dayna refuses to believe she can’t help him. When Kane is teased, Dayna tries unsuccessfully to get him to process his feelings and Kane storms off, leaving Dayna rocked.




Episode #5552

067.jpgOriginal air date: August 1, 2014

Kylie works out with Kane and is pleased when this helps him with his emotional problems over being branded “Killer Kane” at school, (because of his role in Brett’s death and the upcoming trial) as it allows him to let off steam. Kane is seen with Kylie by Ferndale High kid, Ronan. Ronan thinks Kylie’s his girlfriend and expresses admiration. Kane allows him to believe it as it allows him to lose the “killer” tag. Dayna’s still concerned for Kane and ropes in Murray to convince him to get a job or volunteer – to look good in front of the judge. It’s Kylie who suggests he tries volunteering at the hospital. Keen to support her brother, Dayna joins Kylie to appeal to Rachel to let Kane sign on as a volunteer. But their bid to support him only puts the pressure on Kane to live up to their expectations. When a patient realises that Kane was involved in Brett’s murder, Kane faces more embarrassment. His inner frustration building, he flees the hospital. Kylie follows to reassure him but Ronan goads Kane about Kylie – which is news to her. Kane’s angst finally overwhelms him and he lashes out at Ronan. Realising this will severely jeopardise his chances in court, Kylie feels responsible.

Episode #5553 & #5554

125.jpgOriginal air date: August 4, 2014

In a bid to prevent Kane assaulting Ronan, Kylie claims to be his girlfriend. Rachel and Dayna are appalled but it has the desired effect and Ronan backs down. Kylie and Kane tell Dayna it was a lie but Rachel looms as a greater problem. Rachel’s impulse is to file a negative report on Kane with the courts. But Wendy and Kylie convince her Kane is under a great deal of pressure. Kane is let off lightly but Wendy warns Kylie to keep her distance from Kane. However when Kane continues to be bullied, Kylie feels compelled to help him.  Kylie soon realises that Dayna is feeling left out, and that Kane may need her help too. Kylie gains Dayna’s confidence and wins her over. Together they form a plan to help Kane. They stage a ‘break-up’ in front of Ronan and Jack, hoping that news will spread and Kane will no longer be the focus of school gossip. The plan works and normal life resumes for Kane.

Episode #5570

098.jpgOriginal air date: August 22, 2014

Evan seeks out to Daya and Kane to help him with the food box business. Before leaving to visit Wendy, Murray suggests they include a family secret recipe as a distinguishing element. But Murray’s hot sauce proves impossible to eat after Kane and Evan try it out.





Episode #5571 & #5572

Original air date: August 25, 2014

After delivering a baby, Evan earns praise from Marnie. Despite this, Dayna and Kane fail to appreciate the significance of his achievement.

Episode #5574

076.jpgOriginal air date: August 27, 2014

As Bella’s unable to inform Murray and Wendy overseas, Bella insists on keeping her engagement a secret until she can. Despite wanting to tell the world, Dallas agrees. But it’s Bella who, in an unguarded moment with Lucy, spills the beans. Seeing Kane and Evan are both miserable, she suggests to Evan they try cheer each other up. Evan’s attempts to connect with Kane over rugby fail; Kane can only see his lost future in rugby. Wanting to remind Kane he’s got music, family and friends in his life, Evan and Dayna set him up to play a gig at The I.V. Kane earns plaudits from his mates and is buoyed, until he gets a call from his lawyer reminding him of his upcoming trial.

Episode #5575

153.jpgOriginal air date: August 28, 2014

Dayna and Evan are rattled to realise Kane’s uplift in spirits has been temporary – he’s down in the dumps: his trial over his role in Brett’s death is coming up and it’s brought back bad memories. Dayna works hard to help him cope. Kane acts like it’s worked – but in truth, he’s slipping into a secret depression. When Dayna realises this she sets out to try and understand what’s causing it but Kane won’t talk. She perseveres long and hard, feeling very much on her own in this as Murray and Wendy are overseas and Evan’s at uni. By talking with self-effacing honesty about her own past problems she gets Kane to open up. When he does, she’s shocked by just how depressed he is. Everything good in his life is flawed in his mind. In a loving way, Dayna works hard to get him to see it’s the depression twisting his thoughts. But Kane’s lost in a dark place and Dayna feels totally out of her depth.

Episode #5576

096.jpgOriginal air date: August 29, 2014

Worried for Kane’s fragile emotional state, Dayna turns to Evan and is hopeful when they come up with a plan to help. However, Kane rejects Dayna’s suggestion that they see a GP and she’s back at square one. A chat with Brooke helps give Dayna some guidance and she decides to take a more subtle approach, so as not to drive Kane away. Dayna secretly ropes Kane into exercising with Jack. Kane feels ambushed when he sees Vinnie and Evan there too, but steps up to their challenge and feels better for the physical workout. Dayna’s delighted. Although Kane doesn’t know it, she’s orchestrated the whole thing.


Episode #5577

Original air date: September 1, 2014

Kane is buoyed by his new friendship with Jack but his mood turns sour when he learns Dayna arranged the training session and has been managing him. He angrily confronts his sister only to be reminded by Evan that he’s lucky to have Dayna and friends who are willing to pick him up when he’s down. Kane realises Evan’s right when Jack chooses to stay and support him rather than go on the rugby training camp.


Episode #5586

005.jpgOriginal air date: September 12, 2014

Kane has a brief appearance in this episode, when he’s about to leave his house with Jack.






Episode #5589

Original air date: September 17, 2014

When Jack gets invited to a get together and Kane doesn’t, Kane is reminded of how much of a social outcast he is. Loyal friend Jack talks Kane into going, and though he initially feels like a loser, Kane meets a pretty girl, Caitlin. Sparks fly, but Kane is disappointed to see her talking to another guy. Jack lowers Kane’s mood by commenting on it, but Kane’s uplifted when Caitlin texts to ask him out.

Episode #5590

Original air date: September 18, 2014

Wanting to reconnect with his rugby mates, Kane’s relieved when Murray and Wendy let him go to a party. He’s glad when, thanks to Jack and Dayna, he makes ground with his mates by hosting the party at the Cooper house when the original host pulls out. He starts to connect with a girl, Caitlin, and is excited to think that she likes him. But things go awry when Caitlin mentions Honour and there’s an altercation about alcohol. The party comes to an abrupt end. Jack commiserates and they both wryly conclude they’re not good with the opposite sex. Later, Jack gets the impression that Kane doesn’t like girls at all – like him. He makes a move on Kane, who’s left shocked and disgusted.

Episode #5591

218.jpgOriginal air date: September 19, 2014

Shocked by Jack’s attempt to kiss him, Kane rejects him. He feels guilty about doing so when he talks things through with Dayna. He’s prompted to make amends but is startled when, to prevent his friends thinking he’s gay, Jack lies that Kane made the move on him. Kane’s saddened by the betrayal. When Caitlin and Dayna both accept he may be gay, he’s left miserable to think that noone believes him. And when Jack cuts him off completely, Kane takes out his self-loathing in a fit of anger.



Episode #5592

Original air date: September 22, 2014

When Wendy and Murray sees that Kane’s unhappy, Dayna thinks it’s linked to his troubles with Jack and decides to tell Murray and Wendy that Jack tried to kiss him. When Murray and Wendy offer sound advice to deal with Jack, Kane attempts to reach out. However Jack’s frightened of his attraction to Kane and reacts badly to Kane’s attempt to be friends, and Dayna’s advice. Kane’s forced to protect Dayna – and loses his friendship to Jack. Learning of this, Murray and Wendy are concerned but Kane loses hope anyone can understand the emptiness he’s suffering.

Episode #5597

075.jpgOriginal air date: September 29, 2014

Wendy and Murray try to get Kane out of the house. Wendy succeeds when she gets Kane to come with her to the bar, where Murray announces he created a salaried managerial position for Evan at the bar.





Episode #5598

023.jpgOriginal air date: September 30, 2014

Wendy tries to convince Kane to go out on his own and have fun. The Coopers gather together for Evan’s farewell.






Episode #5599

Original air date: October 1, 2014

Kane strives to keep his deepening depression from the Coopers. Wendy gets worried about his mood and Kane works hard to convince her and Murray he’s fine. He succeeds by telling them he’s in a social touch rugby team. But Dayna’s concerned that he’s not at touch practice and Kane’s forced to lie that he has an injury. Dayna realises he’s fibbing and she and Wendy are left concerned that he’s not opening up to them.


Episode #5600

Original air date: October 2, 2014

Dayna and Wendy confront Kane with his lie about playing touch. He refuses to engage and Dayna despairs until she hits on the idea that Honour may be able to help. In a phone call to Honour, Dayna learns about the cyber bullying being inflicted on Kane. Dayna’s appalled by what she finds on Kane’s MyLife. Murray is summoned home and they decide that Kane needs professional help. Again they try to connect with Kane but all he registers is the pain he’s causing them. Alone in his room, he resolves to put an end to all the pain by killing himself. To divert attention, he admits his depression and knows he needs to do something about it. Though surprised by this sudden admission, Murray, Wendy and Dayna are pleased. Later, Kane and Honour talk via a video call. She’s worried about Kane too but he reassures her that he’s better. In order to give himself the space and time to end his life, Kane lies that Honour’s coming over from Akatea and he’s going to meet up with her. Later Dayna has an awful feeling Kane’s lied to them all and that he plans to harm himself. She races to her car to go looking for him. Though also fearful, Wendy seeks to calm Dayna. It then hits the three of them that Kane’s about to do something to harm himself and they rush to try and stop him. They arrive just in time and call an ambulance to rush Kane to hospital.

Episode #5601

Original air date: October 3, 2014

Kane’s rescued from the garage and taken by ambulance to hospital. He lives. Dayna’s furious at Kane, and Murray’s stunned. Wendy resorts to nursing-mode to cope. Kane’s unable to register anyone else’s hurt, as he’s still immersed in his own pain and furious at his failure. Wendy assures the family that a psych ward is the best pace for him if he’s still suicidal, though it’s tough on them all. Meanwhile Kane, confronted by Honour’s home-truths and the extent of Murray’s self blame for missing the signs, begins to deeply regret his desperate action. The psychologist reports this to Murray, Wendy and Dayna, and discharges Kane into their care. Dayna believes Kane’s lying so he can get out of hospital and try to commit suicide again, and the Coopers are left daunted by the enormous task ahead of them.

Episode #5602

Original air date: October 6, 2014

When Murray and Wendy let Kane come home with them, Kane assures that he’ll do everything he can to get over his depression. He realises he’s got a lot to do, but he’s pleased to think he’s making ground with Murray and Wendy, oblivious to the fact that Murray’s not coping well. When he finds this out from Wendy, he tries to talk to Murray to reassure him he’s okay. But Murray is afraid he’ll say the wrong thing and clams up. When Murray snaps at Dayna for the same reason, Kane’s worried his actions are tearing his family apart. Dallas tells him there’s nothing he can do, and that he has to focus on his own recovery in order to make anything better for the Coopers.

Episode #5603

Original air date: October 7, 2014

Honour’s relieved when she clears the air with Kane. She invites him to the gig as a way of normalising things. Honour’s thrown when Sam arrives in Ferndale, but his presence allows Honour to pitch the idea of her staying. There’s a weekly music slot open at Sugar, and Honour’s keen to secure it. Sam’s uncertain, but when he sees Honour perform he realises how much it means to her. He also knows Honour will be an important support to Kane during his recovery.

Episode #5605

Original air date: October 9, 2014

Wendy’s worried that a still upset Dayna continues to keep her distance form Kane, and resolves to help. Dayna admits she fears she will only make things worse but does open up to Kane. But in explaining her anger, she loses her temper once more and Kane’s left disappointed when she backs him off again. Murray helps him to understand Dayna will warm in time, and is grateful when she returns to apologise. He extends an offer to get to know one another better by kicking a ball around, and the two reconnect. Wendy returns to an empty house and immediately fears the worst, but when the kids and Murray return home for a meal together, the family begins to heal.

Episode #5606

Original air date: October 10, 2014

Kane only has a very short scene in this episode, in which he’s having breakfast with the Coopers.





Episode #5607

Original air date: October 13, 2014

Kane is upset by an abusive post on his MyLife page from Jack. But instead of keeping it to himself he reaches out to his family for support, and is pleased to feel better. In turn, he’s prompted to reach out to Jack, so he doesn’t have to struggle either. Jack rebuffs Kane’s offer and Kane’s pragmatic, making Dayna proud of him. But when Jack removes the abusive post, Kane realises he’s getting through to him and determines to continue trying to help Jack overcome his problems.


Episode #5608

Original air date: October 14, 2014

When Kane sees Jack with his friends, he tries to reconcile with him. Aware that Jack’s in the closet, Kane worries about the pressure Jack will be under keeping his secret. He encourages him to come out, but Jack’s resistant. To demonstrate he’s not homophobic, Kane tells Ronan that he doesn’t care if the gay rumours about him continue, since he doesn’t accept “gay” as an insult. Jack’s thankful, and Kane opens up about how hard it was when he couldn’t talk to anyone about how alienated he felt. This leads Jack to come out to Kane, and to resume their friendship. Kane’s stoked and the Coopers are cautiously relieved to see him genuinely happy for the first time in ages.

Episode #5610

Original air date: October 16, 2014

Having reconnected with Kane and gained their old spark back, Honour’s determined to stay in Ferndale. Honour’s further annoyed when Caitlin flirts with Kane, but then uses this to lie to their boss that Caitlin is a slack worker. Caitlin’s fired, and Honour’s guilty and pleased – until this results in Caitlin gaining one on one time with a comforting Kane.



Episode #5611

Original air date: October 17, 2014

After Colin’s hurtful judgement of Bella, Dallas fails to make amends. Bella’s upset, interpreting Dallas’s lack of support to mean he too thinks she’s stupid, but Kane and Dayna urge her not to give up on Dallas.



Episode #5615

Original air date: October 23, 2014

Honour thinks Kane’s romantically interested in Caitlin and is devastated. But Kane’s intent on getting healthy and mentally stable again and he gently lets Caitlin down. Kane worries when he pushes Jack to come out and Jack freaks out. Seeking to hide his sexuality, Jack hooks up with Caitlin. Kane’s left kicking himself for causing this, and all too aware it can only lead to trouble.



Episode #5616

Original air date: October 27, 2014

Kane agrees not to pressure Jack about coming out, and the two get back to being mates again. But when Jack starts to lean too much on Kane as the only person who knows he’s gay, Kane struggles with the intensity. He admits a bit of this to Honour, who quickly works out it’s Jack who’s gay. She’s angry afresh that Jack was so mercilessness with his teasing of Kane. Kane swears her to secrecy but unable to help herself, Honour tells Jack to ease up. Jack confronts Kane about Honour’s cryptic warning, but the only way to explain Honour’s worry for Kane is by revealing he tried to commit suicide. Jack’s devastated to realise it was his bullying that contributed to this, and now understanding that his reliance on Kane isn’t fair on him, Jack decides to come out. Kane’s glad to have helped.

Episode #5619

Original air date: October 30, 2014

Learning Jack lost his nerve about coming out to his family after the rugby guys found out he was gay, Kane offers to help tell his parents. When he doesn’t show, Kane and Honour hope he’s fronted up to his parents alone. But Jack’s been beaten up and claims it was a random attack. Kane deduces that their rugby team is actually responsible. Fearful, Jack refuses to tell the police. An angry Kane stands up to the rugby guys, gets threatened himself, and vows to tell the police.


Episode #5620

Original air date: October 31, 2014

Kane’s pleased when Jack informs the police about the rugby boys’ assault and comes out to his parents. Kane’s proud of Jack and Wendy praises Kane and Honour for supporting their friend. Kane and Honour draw closer and Murray observes the spark between them. When it’s time for Murray to take Honour home, Kane asks to join them for the ride. On Honour’s doorstep, Kane plucks up the courage to kiss her and Honour responds, happy they’re finally acting on their feelings.

Episode #5623

Original air date: November 5, 2014

Kane enjoys flirting with Honour until she informs him that Toby has been transferred back to remand in Ferndale. Honour wants Dayna to keep an eye on Kane in case he gets depressed again, but Murray says he’ll handle it, and organises a small Guy Fawkes party to remind Kane he’s loved and supported. Kane asks Kylie to pass on a message to Toby, telling him to stay strong. Kylie thinks he is already but Kane gives her a wake-up call when he reveals that he became so depressed that he attempted suicide. Kylie’s shocked. At the visit, Kylie grills Toby and he reveals that he truly thinks that he’s going to prison. Kylie tries to hide this truth from Kane, but she can’t. She breaks down, causing Kane to face reality. He believes that Toby’s right, they’re both going to prison.

Episode #5624

Original air date: November 6, 2014

Murray checks on Kane to make sure he’s not going into a depression. Kane assures Murray that he’s fine, he just wants to face reality. Next day, Murray gives him a guitar as a gift. Honour keeps Kane company as they do study, but as Kane strums on his guitar they get an idea – they can encourage Toby with music. They write some really bad song lyrics and ask Kylie to give them to Toby when she visits next. Both Kylie and Murray are underwhlemed by their idea – to prompt Toby into writing better lyrics. And taking his mind off the trial. Kane feels stink about wasting Kylie’s time, and seeing him get into a funk again, Honour gives him a kiss – just to shut him up. However, when Kylie returns from her visit, she reports that Toby was cheered up by the bad lyrics – and he’s rewritten them, made them cooler. Murray praises the kids for their positive attitude. Kane feels good about what he has done and draws closer to Honour as a result. Wendy worries her focus on work is selfish and she should focus on Kane and Dayna instead.

Episode #5625

Original air date: November 7, 2014

Honour and Kane embark on a plan of living life to the fullest while Kane waits for the outcome of Toby’s trial. Kane fears he and Toby will be found guilty and he’ll be sent to prison. Honour plans a fun night to cheer him up. This is stymied when Dayna returns and is overprotective towards her brother. But Dayna’s manic behaviour only drives Kane back into a negative mind set. Honour rescues Kane from this with more fun and Kane grows closer to her. Ula becomes aware of their increasing closeness and advises Honour to be cautious. However, Honour believes Kane is the ‘one’ and when he expresses his love for her, things quickly turn dangerously passionate.

Episode #5626

Original air date: November 10, 2014

Before Kane and Honour can make love, they’re interrupted by Wendy’s arrival home. Their secret romance at an all-time high, they vow to find another time and place to be together. However, preparation for Toby’s trial takes over and they realise it will be impossible to be together until after they give their testimony. Seeing how stressed Kane is, Honour determines to lovingly support him through the ordeal. Dayna also wants to support Kane but feels emotionally unable to do so. She urges Murray to stay with Kane while she manages the bar. But Julian is unhappy Dayna is neglecting him, especially when she chooses to attend Kane’s family meeting with Kylie and Honour instead of being with him. However, he manages to tempt Dayna away from supporting Kane with the promise of a wild night out.

Episode #5627

Original air date: November 11, 2014

With Toby’s trial date looming, Kane struggles with his testimony and his dread that he’s going to be the one to let Toby down. Alone with Honour, Kane admits his struggle and is pulled up when she admits she feels the same. She’s scared of reliving Brett’s attack on her, but reminds Kane that the defence lawyer is there to guide them through the process. She assures Kane that with the lawyer’s support they can both do a good job. Seeing it this way, Kane is left with new confidence.


Episode #5628

Original air date: November 12, 2014

Honour and Kane try and be positive about giving evidence, and both are happy to think they can finally move on with their lives – whatever the trial outcome. Off this, they plan to finally have sex tonight. Ula guesses what’s going on, and carefully advises Honour to look after herself; based on her own teen-love experience, Ula cautions boys rarely think the same as girls. Honour tries to cover her doubts but when the evening doesn’t turn out as perfect as she expected, the two end up fighting and an upset Honour runs off. Kane’s unsure what he’s done wrong, but pained to lose her.

Episode #5629

Original air date: November 13, 2014

Having rejected Kane, Honour’s grateful for Ula’s support and advice. She can’t face seeing Kane, so avoids him. When he tries to reconcile with her at Sugar, Clementine, who’s waiting for a job interview, saves Honour from having to answer. When Kane tries again to resolve things with Honour, Clementine backs him off again, giving Honour the confidence to do the same.


Episode #5630

Original air date: November 14, 2014

Honour continues to enjoy her friendship with Clementine, but misses Kane. She reaches out to him, but the two get into another misunderstanding and remain at odds.

Episode #5634

Original air date: November 20, 2014

When Kane learns that the verdict of Toby’s trial is due to be announced, he’s keen to go to the courtroom to support him. Seeing that he needs support and a distraction, Wendy encourages him to invite Honour along, but she can’t make it. Learning Toby’s innocent, and that he won’t have to go to trial, Kane feels strangely deflated. And when he finds out Toby’s not returning to Ferndale, he feels let down. Kylie’s delighted when Toby’s found not guilty of Brett’s murder. She decides to throw Toby and Emma a welcome home party, in preparation for the big family reunion when Toby and Emma move back home. Kylie is gutted when she learns that Toby can’t face returning to Ferndale, and he and Emma are returning to Christchurch immediately. Kylie’s devastated to think she’s lost her family, but forces a smile and stays at the party. But when she’s alone with Kane, she’s forced to face her grief, and deep heartache at the sense of rejection she feels.

Episode #5635

Original air date: November 21, 2014

Kane’s pleased when Kylie feels better as she resolves to embrace her friends as her new family in Emma and Toby’s absence. But, reminded he’s lost Honour and Toby, Kane only feels more isolated. He’s reluctantly roped in to help Murray smash up old furniture to be dumped. Invigorated by the physical labour, Kane feels more positive. Kylie is reminded that Honour and Kane are still estranged and resolves to reconnect the teens. Kane puts his heart on the line and asks Honour for help with a song he wrote about her. It’s so romantic and courageous that Honour’s won over, and the happy teens reunite.

Episode #5636

Original air date: November 24, 2014

Kane isn’t much in this episode. He is seen in the beginning, leaving Honour’s after rehearsing a song with her and arriving back at the Coopers.





Episode #5641

Original air date: December 1, 2014

Kane agrees to suffer through Clementine’s birthday party for Honour’s sake – even when it’s relocated to Sugar after hours. Honour is warmed to see Kane enjoying himself, but Clementine gets jealous that he’s the centre of attention and tries to oneup him. Kane worries Clementine’s party methods will get Honour in trouble but Clementine dismisses his worry, accusing him of not knowing how to have fun. Kane snaps under Clementine’s constant mocking, telling her with graphic detail of the night Brett died. Shocked, Clementine abandons her party. Honour’s conflicted, seeing Kane’s still traumatised, but chooses to deal with an upset Clementine first. Kane’s gutted his emotions have ruined things again.

Episode #5642

Original air date: December 2, 2014

Kane apologises for ruining Clementine’s party. Honour tries to broker a truce between Clementine and Kane. Despite saying she’ll be friends, Clementine and Kane get on each other’s nerves as they clean up the party mess at Sugar. When expensive coffee beans are spilled, Clementine gives a brilliant cover story just as the owner turns up. Kane and Clementine acknowledge their shared loyalty to Honour and warm to each other as a result. When Clementine suggests they go away for a few days, Kane and Honour are keen.


Episode #5644

Original air date: December 4, 2014

Off Kane’s wish to get out of town, Clementine invites him and Honour to come away with her family for the weekend. Off her recent lies, Honour worries Ula won’t let her go, but Ula does – as long as Wendy lets Kane. Wendy agrees, as long as they keep in contact and when Murray reminisces on his own coming-of-age trip away, the teens’ excitement builds.




Episode #5645

Original air date: December 5, 2014

Honour learns how much Kane is looking forward to the road trip. But then Clementine turns up with bad news – her parents are staying on in Wellington so the trip is off. When Honour feels bad about this for Kane’s sake, Clementine suggests they just don’t tell anyone that her parents won’t be at the bach and they go anyway. Hitting the road, Honour is excited and the teens upbeat. But she’s worried when she sees that their route will take them close to Waitapu, where Brett was killed. Kane’s also very rattled, but that very fact pushes him to overcome his fears and all the ghosts of the past – by revisiting the site where all their traumas began. Honour is against the idea and when they arrive at the bach, Honour pleads with Kane that they leave. But a driven Kane refuses, leaving Honour deeply worried about what awaits them, when Kane comes face to face with his demons.

Episode #5646

Original air date: December 8, 2014

Stranded at the bach close to Waitapu, where Brett was killed, Kane is forced to face his demons. Clementine sets up a séance to talk to dead spirits inside the barn. Kane, not amused by the game, leaves the barn. Later, Clementine leaves Kane and Honour near the barn when she goes to try get a signal on Honour’s phone. Unaware to the teens, the car was leaking fuel and upon the contact with the fire Kane and Honour had set up to keep themselves warm, blows up.



Episode #5649 & #5650

Original air date: December 11, 2014

Honour and Kane try to keep their relationship a secret from Ula. At least until Ula begins to trust Honour once more. Garrett catches Honour and Kane together at Sugar, but instead of telling Ula he decides to keep it a secret.